Furious that checkout changed the upgrade price from $25 to $45 on click

I’ve been using Scrivener since 2015, and am SO disappointed, frustrated with Literature and Latte right now.

As an existing customer, I used the e-mail address associated with my account to order the upgrade, which took me to the the billing page, which indicated that I’d be charged $25, just as I understood.

I updated my e-mail at checkout, and when I clicked “submit” (or whatever the button said), I watched the price change from $25 to $45 as the screen changed. Sure enough, I’ve been charged $45 for the upgrade. Not the worst thing, EXCEPT that I only put a specific amount of money into that account specifically when I’m going to purchase something. So, NOW my bank has just dinged me for a $35 overdraft fee.

Which all brings the cost of the upgrade up to $80 — quite a bit of distance away from $25.

Just livid that the simplest thing seems beyond your purchasing system, and that it’s going to cost me fifty-five extra dollars to use a bit of software that I really only upgraded because it seemed the right thing to do to support your work.

The upgrade system only knows about the existing email address in our records. Otherwise the system thinks it’s a new purchase.

You might want to drop a note to the sales team to see if they can refund the additional charge.

For anyone else in the same situation, contact us to update your email address BEFORE actually making the purchase.



Thanks, Katherine, for your response over the weekend — I wasn’t expecting one until Monday.

As you might imagine, I came to that conclusion as well — just too late, and after there was any way for me to go back and change it.

Many shopping systems have an intermediary screen between entering information and “Thanks for your order” that says, “Okay! Here’s the information we have about you, this is what you’re going to purchase, and this is how much you’re about to pay,” or something to that effect.

That the price still said $25 when I clicked “Submit” should never have been the case.

I did send a note, though I don’t know if it will get to the right people. Since you’re on the Scrivener Support Team, Katherine, do you suppose that you can make the correct individual aware of this case, please?


— J.

Please send me a PM with the email address you used for your support query. I’ll find your note in the queue and flag the appropriate person.