Further tweaking compile settings


I’m currently using Scrivener’s trial to work on my first novel, and so far I really like it. There is only one thing that I can’t quite get as I want:

I’m writing in Portuguese, my native tongue, and when compiling, at the start of each chapter, Scrivener automatically adds “Chapter One, Chapter Two” etc. I have managed to use the “replace” feature to replace “chapter” with the Portuguese equivalent, but I can’t seem to find any way to do it automatically for the chapter number.

Is there any hidden config file I can edit for that purpose?

Thank you.

Refer to this thread:

See the section on Automatic Numbering (which suggests the <$t> tag uses the computer’s language settings). If it doesn’t consider the computer’s language or you aren’t running in Portuguese, you could consider <$n> or <$R>.

In the Compile window, select the Type (Level 1, Level 2+, etc.) that is your chapter level. Click the Modify button (above the preview pane). Click the Section Layout… button (upper left). You can edit the tags for the chapter title here, including replacing “Chapter” with the Portuguese word so you don’t need replacements.

Hope that helps.