Fusing three projects into one

Hi, I have three separate projects from some years ago, and I now want to fuse all three into one. I’ve searched through Help but can’t find anything that looks relevant. I’m guessing it can be done and may well be simple and right in front of my face, but I’m getting nowhere on my own. Can some one direct me to where in Help I might find directions? I’ve been away from this work for a couple of years and if I ever knew how back then, I don’t now.

Thanks for your time.

You don’t tell us whether you’re on Windows or Mac, or which version of Scrivener you have.

That said, basically, I’d create a new project, then either:

  • open each of the three old ones in turn and drag all the documents from the binder of the old one into the binder of the new one;


  • if you’re using Scrivener version 3, use File → Import → Scrivener Project… to import each of the old ones.



I’d say much the same as @xiamenese, but drag all three books into the Draft/Manuscript folder specifically. Then if you want to Compile one of them, you can select it here:

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Hi, Mark.

Thank you for the very quick response. It is appreciated.

I’m on a Mac and using Scriv3. I guess I thought where I put this query would indicate I’m on a Mac, but even so, that doesn’t excuse not stating which version of Scriv I’m using.

I’m just stepping out the door and will get back to the importing later. But it really does make sense to create a new project and thereby not risk any of the 3 components.

Again. Thank you very much. All the best.


It rarely matters.

You can display it in your profile :

To do so, go to your forum preferences / profile / platform & version.



Hi Mark,

Done. Just like that. You know the most frustrating thing is when you just know that something can be done and that it is probably both easy to do and right in front of your face, but you can nevertheless not find the door.

I really appreciate the help.


Hi, Vincent-Vincent.

Done as you suggested. Thank you. It should help down the road if I brain-cramp again and forget to include those details.


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As @drmajorbob said, not such a big deal.
And yes, being the OP in a thread categorized as “Scrivener for macOS” should be well enough.

Hi, Drmajorbob,

The import was done into the draft folder of the new project as you suggested. I don’t know if that is what I might have automatically tried first, but it worked beautifully. If I do need to compile one of the three separately (as well I might), I’ll be in good shape to do so.

Thank you very kindly.


Thanks to all. The work of a few minutes when you know what to do! I had spent a whole lot longer than that fumbling around on my own. You have all saved me both time and aggro, so thank you all very much.