Fussing with format can be a good thing

One of the joys of working with Scr – and before that, with Ulysses – has been the freedom from worry about format. Not that format is unimportant, or that I don’t spend time on it, but that with a genuine writing program, as opposed to a word-processing program, I’ve learned to ignore it until it’s necessary. (Perhaps a few hours with Scr would ease the pain of Wordaholics; even if they did not convert, they might begin to see their way to do more writing and less processing.)

However. I’ve found that, when the empty-head blues set in, and neither my brain nor my fingers can generate appropriate and useful words, going back to fuss with format can kick-start the system.

Does that paragraph look too long on the page? Did I neglect to italicize the title of a book?

Then I take a look at the narrative. Seems to have been a long time without quotation marks; should I put some of this scintillating prose into dialogue form, so it looks less preachy?

And before I know it, I’m back into the story.


Even just changing the font can work, too, I’ve noticed.