Future Scrivener version numbering

Rather than do something productive with my brain, I’ve been wondering about the extent of the lock-step version numbering of future releases of Scrivener on various platforms.

In another thread, Keith mentioned that the next paid release of Scrivener for Windows will be number 3.0, skipping the 2’s. So what about the iOS version? Will it skip v1 entirely, and jump straight to 3? What about future platforms (Android, Palm OS, Newton, etc…)?

What about minor (after the first dot) releases? Will they become synonymous with feature additions, so that Win v3.2 = Mac v3.2 as far as feature parity? Will there be a “bug fix” point release after that, so that Win 3.2.14 = Mac v3.2.11 as far as features go, but with their own individual bug releases?

I’ve never managed a code base where anyone really cared about version numbers, except to discuss which one fixed a bug or added a particular feature, so I’m curious about how much Keith and company have contemplated what version numbers mean to them and to customers discussing the software.

There, got that out of my brain, finally. The silly things I fixate on… :unamused:

Heh, you’ve thought about it more than I have. (And why have you changed your name? I no longer recognise you!)

So far, the only plan is to update the Windows version number to match the Mac version number, so long as we can provide enough parity. The iOS version will just be Scrivener 1.0 for iOS. The Android version should be along while the iOS version is still in version 1.0. Only major version numbers will be the same, too - maintenance releases will happen at different times. Although I haven’t thought too much about that. :slight_smile:

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