Future support for iCloud (or other cloud drives)?

Anyone else want to see iCloud support in the iOS app?

  • Yes!
  • No :frowning:

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Will iCloud / other cloud services gain iOS support in the future?

I know L&L is comfortable with the Dropbox option, but I’ve seen plenty of users moving away from Dropbox to iCloud, and this is a reasonable question for a paid app.

Have been using Dropbox with Scrivener iOS but honestly not impressed. Every single time, Scrivener (MacOS) ends up with Conflicted Copies, and combined with the need to manually sync (the whole point of Dropbox & cloud services is automatic synching, right?) this feels like unnecessary hassle.

Thanks for your time, appreciate you folks are always hard at work developing improvements for Scrivener 8)

If you trawl through the forum, you’ll find that the answer is only Dropbox currently provides the necessary API(s) to make it possible to sync a Scrivener project on iOS. Will it ever happen? Who knows?