⌘G and "Find Next" fail

I enter [Gg]r[ae]y in the search box (with RegEx selected), and Scrivener finds documents with matches. Then I highlight some documents in Binder (or not) and either way, ⌘G and Find Next don’t do anything. Ditto if I click in the text and try searching in scrivenings mode.

I’ll have to check if this also fails for other kinds of searches.

I checked, and it doesn’t fail if I remove the patterns … if I search only for grey with RegEx checked, for instance.

⌘G worked in v2, and it should work in v3.

I could have sworn that was working fine before, but the focus is seemingly stuck over in the search field. It is purely a focus problem though: a simple Ctrl-Tab sorts it out.

How so? Ctrl-Tab moves focus, but so does selecting documents in the Binder, clicking in the Scrivenings, etc. Each of those actions removes highlighting in the Search box.

Ctrl-Tab followed by ⌘ G doesn’t work.

I see, there are two problems then. One is that you cannot press Cmd-G from the search field (which Ctrl-Tab fixes), the other is that it appears RegEx parameters are not being set up right in the background.

If however I press Cmd-F to examine the settings, I can see they are correct (the text search tool is using RegEx and [gG]r[ae]y is the term), and from that point on it works.

This is what I found:

Open the project:

  1. shift-cmd-f [Gg]r[ae]y then Enter —> cmd-g doesn’t work.
  2. immediately press cmd-f (nothing else) --> cmd-g then works.
  3. shift-cmd-f [Gg]r[ae]y Enter --> cmd-g then works, and will continue working for the rest of the session, as will any other regex you put it.

But close the project and reopen it and you’re back to step 1.

I have no idea why…

Yup, but if you do run a project search using another algorithm then document search will get reset to a different search type (Contains often), and then after that point it won’t reset to RegEx properly again without looking at the Cmd-F panel. So it appears to be purely a problem with setting up RegEx parameters in the background.

When you hit return from the search field, the focus goes to the binder rather than the text, so that you can navigate through search results. Cmd-G won’t work there.

It needs to work.

#2 doesn’t work here.
#3 Works AFTER using project search and selecting documents … but ⌘F shouldn’t enter into it.