Gaming stops! Ring of death

Well, my xbox 360 has packed in, with the dreaded ring of death, so going off for a repair. Happily still using original xbox and PS2, but has anyone else encountered this rubbish flaw in the 360?

Nooo! I have heard of this, but - touch wood - have yet to experience it. My original Xbox - which died a death at the hands of my toddlers, with their love of fiddling with DVD drives - did have an exploding power pack, apparently. Or rather, it was one of the batch that could well have dodgy power packs. So we filled in the requisite forms on the Xbox site, and I was informed by e-mail not to use the current power pack because my Xbox was indeed one of the dodgy batch, and to wait for a replacement which was on its way, completely free of charge. That was two years ago, and it never arrived… Grrr.

Anyway, best go and try to separate my 3-year old from Transformers: The Game, as I would like to get in some Mass Effect this evening. And I always told myself my kids would have very little TV or games because I’d be too busy instilling them with great literature…