gap between text and keyboard

Hi everyone,

I switched from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone Xr yesterday. I hoped to have advantages in Scrivener because of the bigger screen.
But when I run Scrivener on the iPhone Xr there is a gap between the text area in the upper half and the keyboard area. Please watch the comparison in the attached pic (iPhone 7 left, iPhone Xr right).

This problem occurs on any virtual keyboard I use.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

I am getting the opposite of this bug on the iPhone XR. Rather than a gap, the bottom half to 2/3rds of the text is cut off by the keyboard.
It works fine on iPhone SE.

Have you turned on Settings->Scrivener->Editor->3rd Party Keyboard Support?

For the record. Mine has no settings changed. I literally opened up the box with the iPhone XR, did the initial account and feature setup, downloaded Scrivener, and found several iPhone XR bugs.

It seems if you add “renderInputToolbar” prop, and only return component as the value of the prop, it will work fine.

I’m also getting this same bug on iPhone7. I would LOVE to have the gap rather than having most of the line of text hidden. Are the devs working on this? They must be aware of this bug…