Garbled document titles in corkboard view

Since I updated to 1.52 (running on Snow Leopard), document titles are garbled in corkboard view and at the top of the edit view. But they look fine in the side panel. (See attached screenshots.)

Not sure what’s going on here. Anyone else having the same problem?

I suspect it’s just a cunning ploy to make more of us register for the forum… :slight_smile:

But, yes, I’ve got the same thing happening after installing Snow Leopard. Aside from that hiccup , from a cursory glance so far, everything else seems to be continuing to work just great.

Could you please zip up and send me a sample project that displays this problem to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? I can’t reproduce it.

One thing you might try is changing the index cards title font in the Preferences - I’m wondering if something bad has happened to your Courier font when updating to 10.6 somehow.

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I just changed the fonts for the index title and text - and it solved the problem for me.

Worked for me, too. Thanks for the suggestion.

Check the font manager, too - I have been informed that there may be a bad and good Courier installation, so if that’s the case just getting rid of the bad one should help. I’m pretty sure this is an OS X update issue, but I’m trying to find more information.
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My Snow Leopard Courier is certainly a bad one. Still no delivery… :cry:

I’ve had some weird issues with fonts in Snow Leopard, too. My main typeface for drafting in Scrivener now displays in small caps if I toggle back and forth to italics and back – it seems that the system’s idea of which font “modifies” another as an attribute within a typeface family (e.g. “X Bold is the boldface version of X”) has gotten muddled. Obviously, this is system-wide, and not specific to Scrivener. I’ve tried clearing the font cache, reinstalling the fonts in different ways from a machine I know they’re working on, etc, and it refuses to work. Hmmm.