Garbled when compile Chinese character to word using Scrivener 3 Mac OS version


When I compiled my research work (using both Chinese and English characters) to word format (.doc and .docx), garbled came out if I used Scrivener 3 Mac OS version, but not the Windows 3 beta version.

Furthermore, Scrivener 3 Mac OS version worked well if I chose the output format to PDF, rtf, rtfd…

Please help me solve the problem, thanks!


I seem to remember that this was brought up in a thread quite some time ago, but I can’t find it quickly. I’ll try to find it, but it’s not a good time just now.

For the moment, the best thing to do is to compile it to RTF and open that in Word, letting Word do the conversion to .docx. Actually, that is by far the best thing to do anyway, because if you compile straight to .docx, Scrivener compiles to RTF and then invokes a third party converter.


Post-Edit: Here’s the thread.

Caveat, I installed the Oracle Java as KB said, but now I’ve updated to MacOS 10.14.2, compiling to .docx is not working again. It matters less to me as I use Nisus Writer Pro—which also uses RTF as its native file format—as my word-processor of choice, but if I need to have it as .docx, I let Word do the conversion and there is no problem then; I’ve just checked.

Thanks for the reply!
The problem was fixed, thanks!