gDisk broke?

gDisk is a nifty little program that turns your gMail account into a remote hard drive. It had been my main remote backup for the past year (still use .Mac backup, but never turst it).

Recently gDisk stopped working. The app doesn’t recognize my “labels,” nor does it allow me to create new ones. Just wondering if there are other gDisk users out there having the same problem? Wondering if Google broke it in some way?

Alternately, can anyone recommend a cheap (free), simple-to-use, reliable off-site back up solution? This would be for a handful of documents, rather than a whole hard drive?


gDisk became unreliable for me a long time ago, so I stopped using it. Besides, I found it was faster to just use FTP on my web server. It has areas where I can stash files that are not visible to the 'net, and that is what I have been using for backup. I remember some chat about good, free storage. I’m sure somebody in the know will come along. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using two systems (testing):

  1. Mozy. It’s free until 2GBs and fast. However it is still on beta, therefore something buggy happens from time to time. The first time you upload your data, it will take a while (2 hours for 230MBs), but after that is very fast (the general updates to that backup take now in between 1 and 8 minutes, depending on how many changes I do).

  2. Amazon S3 with JungleDisk. You’ll have to pay for the Amazon storing (very cheap; my first month will be around 0.50$) and JungleDisk (the interface that I use and behaves like iDisk) will cost you 20$ after a month of trial (to pay only once). This one takes longer, but it seems more reliable.

In all I would say I’d love if Mozy was be more stable (however, I only experienced problems once: for 2 days I wasn’t able to upload). It would be my choice. If your data backup relies only on Mozy it can be risky.

– MJ

I’ve been using Mozy for a couple of months (the free 2 GB version) and it’s been working very well. It’s reported a few crashes, but they’ve been always been related to my ADSL going AWOL and they haven’t affected the actual backup files, as far as I can tell.

I certainly agree about not trusting an online backup service as your only backup. But as a complement (if your CDs and your regular HD backup should become sick) it’s an extra security.


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve been using Mozy for a few weeks now and it has worked flawlessly.

I too have had problems with gdisk over the last few weeks and am now using Mozy. I had trouble configuring Mozy at first (maybe I didn’t rtfm), but it now seems to be working fine.