Gem of the Year at Macworld: Scrivener on the final ballot.

The Reader’s Choice Award on Macworld poll has started. Guess what is on the final ballot for Gem of the Year?! Yup, that’s right – our Scrivener.

Anyway, the votes are on and people are free to vote. :slight_smile:

The competition is very strong, by the way… (For me MarsEdit and 1Password are killer apps too.)

You got my vote, Keith.

yup, just voted too.


Same here.

And another.



I suggest you create a folder at the top level of this forum announcing that Scrivener is up for an award on Macworld and that everyone can go to the Macworld website and vote. Everyone who logs onto the forum should have an opportunity to vote. Most people won’ even know about it as long as this thread is buried under Feedback. I came across the contest on Macworld, which I read daily. When I came here I had to use Search to find the discussion.

Put a folder/announcement on the top level, then you can bury it again after the voting closes next week.


Didn’t campaigning get a negative reaction from Macworld or some other award organisation a week or two ago? But what do I know? :confused:

P.S. I’ve voted.
P.P.S. Who’s Kevin? Ah, Iekth. Now I understand.


Yes, I think Macworld take a very negative stance on campaigning or vote-rigging, as I think they just want their registered users and regular readers to vote, as I understand it, so I’m not going to create a sticky asking people to vote (which would be presumptuous of me, anyway).

But many thanks to those Macworld readers who like Scrivener enough to have voted so far! And many thanks to those who nominated it in the first place, and to the guys at Macworld (on both sides of the pond, who have always been very kind to Scrivener, as you can see from the “Reviews” pane of Scrivener’s product page) for putting Scrivener on the shortlist.

I am, of course, chuffed that Scrivener has been shortlisted. It’s up against some very tough competition. iGTD and Handbrake, especially, have broad appeal and are great Mac apps, so just to be nominated in their company is accolade enough. :slight_smile:

Thanks again and all the best,

As the person who got slapped for ‘vote rigging’ :open_mouth: I take full responsibility for wanting you to win! So there … But this time round it’s an open poll (unless it logged me on automatically, what the hell …). Yep, Handbrake is an awesome product too - but it has a ‘team’ of people coding it … so you at least get the Best One-Man Band award, surely :smiley:

AND - I have been doing Leopard upgrades all week and fixing the stupidist (and most alarming) issues on just three machines. What a joy to see the new Scrivener. It just opened, and worked. Well done.

Campaign damners, be damed. I’m voting yes!

Scrivener is the best f***ing app I own. Everyone who writes for a living, for fun, for just for the heck of it should know about Scrivener.


I not saying it`s probable, just possible, but, in Traffalgar Sq. We have Plinths (I think this is correct), for the non-permenant exposition of statues of people deemed to be worthy of recognition… get my drift :laughing:

Yep, voted! One of the best apps made lately, worthy of switching to Mac for.

Yep, I voted, too. Only used it a short while but the thought of not using it gives me the “scrivers” & shakes! It’s my best app on tap.


Hadn`t you better get your wife to vote too?


Also, there’s a link on the Macworld website to send comments about nominated products to the magazine editors, which they may use in upcoming weeks to heat up the competition.

For example:

“Scrivener is astonishing - a liberating tool for thinking and organzing ideas, and composing words. It has done for writing - actual writing, not just processing words - what Photoshop has done for image manipulation, what Dreamweaver (and others) has done for web design, what Safari (and others) has done for web browsing, and what Final Cut Pro has done for video editing. It’s a brillant tool for exploring creativity because it helps organize the choas of your brain.”


I’d ask her to vote if she used Scrivener, but she doesn’t. More importantly, I’m not giving her another reason to fire up the Scrivener Machine…er, the MacBook. We can’t exactly split the baby and while a timeshare arrangement might work, we’re still at the “Aha! I beat you to it.â€

You`re either: (a) Hopelessly and irredeemably in love with the woman, or;(b) Youre a wimp!.. Or are you both?

You`re setting dreadful precedents for the rest of Scriveners crew. 99.999% of them suffer from chronic gullibility, and for a ships crew, are dangerously impressionable.

Youll just have to get your act together, and show her whos the boss.

You can cast a proxy vote on her behalf :wink:

I could cast a proxy vote on her behalf but–Without integrity you are worthless, but with it, you are priceless. (Perhaps a tagline used w/o comprehension?)javascript:emoticon(’:roll:’)

Barbed innuendo :confused: …perhaps?

Or perhaps too much undue humourous familiariy implied in my previous post. My apologies Nib.

Given the TL`s genesis… I can asure you, not the case :wink:
Take care