General Metadata dates visual issue (not sure if it's a bug or a feature)

Now, under General Metadata, the dates created and modified are shown

Created: 12/14/18 1:12 PM Modified: 12/15/18 2:06 PM

The words are justified left, the dates justified right. No problem.

But if I narrow the inspector panel (as I am sometimes wont to do), so the dates would cover more than the colon on Modified, BOTH words disappear completely. The edge doesn’t get overshadowed by the dates, which I expected. The words disappear if there’s not enough room to show all the characters.

That is to say, I expected to see this (as the letters are covered by the dates):

Create 12/14/18 1:12 PM Modifi 12/15/18 2:06 PM

But what I actually see is this (the words disappear completely):

12/14/18 1:12 PM 12/15/18 2:06 PM

Is this intended behavior?