General Text Attributes - where have they gone?

My projects created in a previous version of Scrivener show the general text attributes (drop down menus for Styles, buttons for justification, drop down menus for spacing and lists, a ruler bar with tabs). I can use these as I type my drafts. Very handy.

Newer projects don’t show these attributes. I’ve gone into Text Editing under Preferences and while I see that I can reset the justification, rulers, style, etc, I don’t see how I can get the menus to show up in the program. How can I get these helpful attributes to show while I’m typing?

Hope I’ve explained this clearly enough.


Cmd-R while the focus is in the text view (or Text > Ruler > Show Ruler).

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To quote Staples, “That was easy!”

Thanks so very much for the quick reply! Much appreciated. It was driving me nuts since I was looking for a different phrase.

Thanks again.