Generated ePub TOC: Issue with blank pages?

I searched the forums a bit but couldn’t find something similar to my situation.

So, I want blank pages between my final chapter, Acknowledgements, and About the Author. I’ve got the blank page symbol on their own page. (It’s copied from the Novel template.)

The issue is, these blank pages are showing in the TOC even though my normal pages do not show up, just the folder titles.

See the images. For example, my last chapter has FOLDER > PAGE, but only FOLDER shows in the TOC. Yet for my POSTMATERIAL (which is deselected, just like my Act 1-2-3 folders higher up in the Binder), I’ve got the same setup, but different results — EG, AT HOME is not in the TOC, but BLANK PAGE obviously is.

I made the the title of the Blank Pages just a space, to temporarily make them a little less obvious in the TOC… But as you can see, that doesn’t work out in iBooks!

I’ve compiled tens of epubs with a singular alteration, trying to pinpoint the cause of this! :neutral_face: Ideas?

Another note, the only way to make sure these Blank Pages actually show up while reading, Page Break Before must be selected. This is also different from my other pages, which have this disabled and show up just fine as chapters, without inclusion in the TOC.

One more image shows how I have the levels set up.

No ideas? Could this be a bug? It appears to behave differently for no reason.