Generating a report of individual 'texts/Scrivenings' added.

I am a beginning graduate student in the social sciences, and in the past couple months I’ve begun to use Scrivener to create and manage a repository of “citeable notes,” a la Peg Boyle Single (

The program works smashingly for this purpose. It’s great for outlining papers. I just drag and drop previously filed citeable notes into a new outline as needed – for support of my arguments, or for reference, or what have you.

However: given this use case, “tracking project progress” for me is a bit of a different animal. I don’t care much about word count. Rather I am concerned with the number of individual notes/Scrivenings I create.

One thing I would love to be able to do is to pull up a report of Scrivenings/texts added, within a given time frame. As each note represents to me a single ‘gleaning’ from a reading, such reports could reveal to me one concrete measure of how ‘productive’ my reading has been, over a given time frame.

I suppose it would be helpful if I could also make a case as to why this feature would also serve Scrivener’s core customers (non-academic writers). Perhaps I can open that question up to you all. Would you benefit by the ability to pull up reports of individual Scrivenings added? Do you think it’s a worthwhile productivity measure, to supplement your raw word count?

Thought this was worth bringing up. Also curious who else uses Scrivener this way. Suppose I should head on over to the use case forum for that!

Have you tried the option that shows subdocument counts in the Binder (it’s in the Appearance tab of Tools/Options...? That might end up doing what you are essentially looking for here, except on a per-folder basis, which I would imagine would be superior to a single unified count (which would include any and all things you add, including organisational folders, items in the Trash and so forth).


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that wouldn’t be the perfect fix, obviously (wink), but it’s a way to get at what I want to get at, for sure. Your suggestion would entail me keeping a running record of number of subdocuments per folder, yes?

But you confirm that there is no existing way in the program to learn which subdocuments within a project have been edited recently and when, correct?

Hmmm, right now I’m trying to think of a way to use metadata to: 1) create and then pull up a list of items of the class ‘added this week,’ then 2) record this list, weekly, in some external record, and finally 3)efficiently (? how?) clear the metadata to make room for a new tracking cycle, each week. Could you help me trot out that thought process? (Also: does the Scrivener forum attract obsessives? Hah.)

Thanks for your help, again.


Not at the moment, at least not easily—but we will be implementing Outliner column sorting in time, and since Modification date can be added to the Outliner, you can effectively narrow down the project by the things you’ve done recently. Much further down the road we would also like to implement more comprehensive search options, and that would likely include things like date-range based searching.

Yes. :mrgreen:

Thanks Amber. Good to know, all.