Generating thoughts or ideas

I like to use programs (eg. mind maps) to help me think. How could I use Scrivener to do that? I suppose I could continue with Xmind and link it to Scr.
Does Scr have its own tools that I may not be aware of? Suppose in my novel, a character might go someplace, and if he/she does, then what? I start asking, why should character go? who would he/she meet? If he/she goes, how does that impact Chapter 27 where …takes place? etc.
How and where to work out these kinds of Q’s in Scrivener?


The corkboard has a free positioning mode.

You can add cards on the fly by simply double-clicking in the background.
That’s as close to a mind map as it gets in Scrivener.

… And then there is Scapple.

Nice thing about scapple is that you can drag notes directly into Scrivener. It also has a one time cost with no recurring charges and it can expand endlessly.
However, you can add Freeform info in notes for any scenes. You can also put in document bookmarks to link to other files in your project.

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