german and utf8

Whenever I export my draft to LaTeX, I end up with weird words like this one: Äû?ºberwiegend. I think this happens because I write in german with “Umlaute” (e.g. ä, ü, ö etc.). Is there an option to change this? I would like to use “applemac” in LaTeX instead of “utf8”.

Thanks for your help!

Just curious, have you set the export language to German in the Typography section of the preferences?

Yes, I have.
Those weird words only shop up in TexShop. When I run it through pdflatex (memoir class and utf8 encoding) everything is fine in the pdf output.
But I need to copy and paste my tex-file into another preamble (scrpbook) where I use the encoding “applemac” and there everything gets screwed up.
(It’s so difficult to explain my problem in english)
Thank’s for trying to help me!

Hmm, you could try going through an intermediary. Drop it into TextEdit in plain text, and when you save out from there, it gives you an encoding option. MacRoman is one of them – not sure if that is what you mean by applemac encoding. Of course, bigger text editors like TextMate or BBEdit can do this too.

But, I am going to take a guess and say the culprit is actually Scrivener. It is generating the MultiMarkdown file, which then gets used according to your choice. The scripts themselves, I think, are not changing the encoding. It comes out of Scrivener as UTF-8. When you export from Scrivener in plain text mode, they are UTF-8 files as well.

I could be all wrong about that though.

“applemac” is an encoding option in LaTeX. I just use it, because I’ve found it in a preamble that works for me. It looks like this:

You are right. When I export to plain text out of scrivener, I have the same problem. It does however not occur in “rtf”. So what can I do about it?


Please try to change this to utf-8.

And set the save-option of TeXShop to utf-8 too.

I can really recommend to use utf-8 in all applications.

If you have problems to use your old MacRoman-files you can open them with the option MacRoman and save them as utf-8.

Maybe there as batch-tool to do this.


Just a quick note note on this to confirm that all plain text is imported and exported from Scrivener as UTF8, so as juh recommends, you will need to amend your encoding for generating LaTeX to UTF8 to avoid this issue.

There are so many encodings, and because Scrivener is not a dedicated plain text editor, it just uses UTF8 as an encoding that can handle most characters.