German Language

Hi there, I am from Germany and I have a big problem, because my scrivener 3 shows me some writing mistakes all the time but it’s always only a word the system doesn’t know. The same time Srivener doesn’t show me mistakes that are relevant for my language. Does anyone know how to update to 2021 German Grammar?? :frowning:
Id appreciate any help!! Thank you! Melina

Hi Melina, Scrivener for macOS uses Apple’s built-in text engine, so problems with spellcheck are usually at the system level. Do you see the same problem in the native macOS app, TextEdit?

Also, note that if spellcheck doesn’t recognize a word as correct, you can always ask Scrivener to learn the word by right-clicking on it and choosing “Learn Spelling”, so that it will no longer be flagged.