German Localization for Scapple

Dear Writers,

I’m a satisfied user of both Scrivener and Scapple for macOS. When I installed Scrivener, it automatically started up with a user interface in German (the language my OS is running). However, this didn’t happen with Scapple. Is there any way to use Scapple with a German localization?


Hey Freddy,

not yet I’m afraid. Can’t tell you if that’s planned anytime soon. Keep in mind that the main localization for Scrivener was only introduced with the big 3.0 release last year. Given that Keith is the only developer of Scrivener for Mac and iOS and Scapple for Mac, I wouldn’t bet for a high priority right now, as working on the main feature set would take most of his time and localization only makes sense if get it done for a good number of languages at one time rather than pushing out one language update after another.

greetings from Germany