German Localization

Hello there!

Firstly, thanks a lot for the German localization that went public a few weeks ago. I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I found some terms in it that don’t quite fit, though, and thought you might want to know about them.

Menu bar:

  • “Datei” should be “Ablage” instead (The first term is used on Windows indeed, but it’s not on the Mac)
  • Ellipses (“…”) within a few menus should be preceded by a space unless the word itself is incomplete
  • “Srivener verlassen” should be “Scrivener beenden”
  • The view menu “Ansicht” should be “Darstellung”
  • “Verkleinern” in the window menu should be “Im Dock ablegen”

Project target:

  • „Zurücksetzen“ is slightly cut off
  • „Entwurf Ziel“ should be something like “Entwurfsziel” (following the logic of the term “Sitzungsziel” below)
  • „Optionen“ needs a space before the ellipse as well

Meta data settings:

  • The description is cut off
  • “Abbrechen” cut off


  • Some labels of the icons in the binder don’t start with a capital letter

All the best! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response on this. Thanks for these reports! I’ve filed them for our next revision stage.