German quotes have gone since update 2.5


since the last update which has changed my UI to german the german quotes are gone. Before I used the corrections --> smart quotes option for german quote signs.

The new option “Typographische Anführungszeichen verwenden” (formally known as smart quotes) just gives me the english ones.

Is there a fix?


The smart quote types are taken from System Preferences. Please go to the “Keyboard” pane of System Preferences and select the “Text” tab. There you can choose the type of double quotes and single quotes used by the system. These are the types of quotes that Scrivener will use for smart quotes, so my guess is that for some reason your system preferences are set to use English-style quotes.

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No, there my set up is correct. :frowning:

:question: hmm…

if I am using Scrivener’s fullscreen mode the quote signs are correctly taken from my system preferences. But if I am not in fullscreen mode Scrivener is using english quote signs.

… I am confused. Any advice?

In a new project I get the right quote sings even in the editor. But in my current project there are still the english ones. After a restart of Scrivener I am getting german quotes in my current project too.
But I don’t know why.

Ok, this is a really annoying bug :imp: : From time to time I get english quote sings - after restarting Scrivener I get german quote sings again. :frowning:

Any idea :question:

This is… baffling. Is this just while typing (the automatic quotes)? If so, there isn’t a line of code inside Scrivener that touches that - it’s all handled by OS X. Do you get the same behaviour in TextEdit?

Are you using page view mode, and are you using the Mac App Store version? If so, what happens when you switch to regular (non-page-view) mode and restart the application?

Good Morning!

Yes, it happens while I am typing. And it seems quite random - I do not use TextEdit that much, at the moment TextEdit seems to behave normal, but maybe it is random too.

Yes - I am using page view mode, but no, I am not using the Mac App Store version. At the moment everything is working fine, but next time I try to switch to regular mode. I will report. :slight_smile:

:confused: Ok, it happened again:

I have started Scrivener and had my project in page view mode - everything is fine: quotes are automatically switched to german quotes as set in OSX settings.

But then

I switched to normal mode --> no switching, only english quotes can be typed.
Switching back to page view --> only english quotes can be typed.
Switching to normal mode --> only english quotes can be typed

** Restarting Scrivener **

I am still in normal mode: --> I can type german quotes
Switching back to page view --> I can type german quotes
Switching to normal mode --> I can type german quotes

Any idea?


I did some testing, too, but, unfortunately, I can’t confirm the bug. I switched between german and english settings, smart quotes on/off, switched from full screen to normal and several combinations of this.

Sorry. The settings behaved as they should. Running on a new MBA with Maverick.

If you have any ideas how I could duplicate the bug you encounter, I’d be glad to help.

sorry, not yet - but if I have any idea I will tell. I am running a MB Pro early 2011 with Maverick.