German users - "protected spaces"?


I’m hoping a German user of Scrivener might be able to point me in the right direction here. We’ve had a new review of Scrivener posted on the Mac App Store today - the review was very positive and nice (so if you are reading, Stefan Drees, many thanks, we really appreciate it!), but pointed out two problems he is having with Scrivener - slowdown and something about “protected spaces”. Unfortunately, since I did very badly at my German GCSE, I’m relying on Google Translate to try to work out the problem, and I’m thus unclear on what a “protected space” actually is, so I was hoping that, if I post the relevant section of the review here, someone could explain this to me?

I’m assuming it’s something to do with not breaking punctuation across lines or pages, and is possibly a German typographic convention? If someone could set me straight on what it is, I could look into it.

(I really wish the Mac App Store provided some way for developers to contact users…)

Many thanks!

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He is talking about the non-breaking space which prevents that abbreviations break.

But I cannot reproduce his problem.

Ah, okay, thanks! He seems to mention import - when you import a document from Word, does that respect non-breaking spaces?

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Actually he means that the for him so vital non-breaking spaces are changed into two single spaces when doing an import or an export. He doesn’t mention Word or any other software.

Thanks for the clarification. I was asking about Word because the .doc and .docx import is a bit hit-and-miss, using Apple’s standard methods, so I was wondering if that was the cause. It may be the format he importing and exporting to, in other words, so I’d like to test that. Could someone with Word please tell me how you insert a non-breaking space in Word as you would do for a German document so that I can test this?


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I asked my wife who is working with word at the office :slight_smile: By pressing Shift+Ctrl+Space hard spaces are inserted.

I attached the Windows-Word document for your convenience. (1.81 KB)

Great, many thanks! This document seems to import fine without any double spaces, though, and export works fine too… So non-breaking spaces do seem to be working for the most part, at least.

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Alway welcome.

Did the hard spaces remain hard spaces after import, edit, and export to mmd or tex?

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Yes, the hard spaces were preserved on import and export to MMD.

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Given it’s an MAS review, this seems a little out there, but I know this is an issue on the Windows version, corrected in the latest beta. Non-breaking spaces get an additional space added to them on import and continue to get spaces added when the document is edited and saved. The first space remains non-breaking; subsequent ones are normal. In Scrivener (on Windows) the symbol for both spaces is the same, so it’s difficult to tell which is which and there are complications using find/replace as it does not distinguish between the two types. If you copy and paste or export/compile to another program like Word, it’s usually easier to do the replacement there since you can use Regex to remove all additional spaces after a non-breaking space, etc.

Anyway, that’s all in Windows, so it’s probably irrelevant, but I figured I’d mention it in case.