german version?

i just discovered and bought scrivener and scapple…
amazing programs…
now – my question:
will there be german versions?
thank you.

The Windows version already has a German option.
The Mac one is currently being translated.

The Mac translation to German is well under way at this point. We have the principle translation complete and it is now in the integration and review phase. French and Spanish are close behind.

thank you very much indeed.
my working space usually is a mac.
so i’m looking forward to the german version.

Any idea, when it will be available? I am writing a german book on Scrivener for Mac and Windows and mixing languages for the German Windows version and the English Mac version really is a nuisance ;(


Sorry for the nuisance! We’re working as quickly as we can, rest assured. It will very likely be available as a beta release sooner than later, so subscribe to this thread to hear about it as soon as it’s ready.