Get error message when importing URL in binder

I am a longtime Scrivener user. Since some days I have a weird problem. Everytime I pull a Website-URL from the browser in the (research part) of the binder, I get an error message, saying that it is not a valid URL and so I can’t import it. I have importetd thousends of URLs in several hundred Scrivener projects before without problems.
The problem occurs with Firefox, Safari and Chrome alike. I didn’t change any settings in Scrivener nor did I update or change my system recently. Scrivener is my main working tool, so this gets me into troubles.

I am on Mac OS 10.11.6 and use the latest version of Scrivener for Mac.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

The latest version of Scrivener for Mac is Scrivener 3, which requires maOS 10.12 or higher. If you are running S3 on macOS 10.11, that might be the cause of your issue. … gic-number

Sorry, I wasn’t pecise. I use Scrivener 2.9. (26312) which is the last version under Mac OS 10.11.6

The problem was solved by a reinstall of Scrivener 2.9. from the scratch (deleting prefs and further assisting files).