Getting around to download on iPad/iPhone?

Hey there everyone,
I just purchased an iPad pro specifically for Scrivener and when I went to the app store I discovered that it was not available in Israel. I read about signing into a different ID to download the app, but I don’t know if that would have any other effects on my existing apps/files on my phone/tablet.

If anyone has any experience with this, I’d appreciate any kind of help.

If you have access to / create an AppleID based in a country where Scrivener iOS is available you can sign out of your main ID and sign in to purchase without apps being removed.

You will need to give an address in the new country and may have to give a payment method based in that country. I think from memory a gift credit card will work if you have a friend in that country who can purchase it for you.

Do be aware that while you are signed in with the second ID iCloud services for the original ID will not be available on ghe device.

Also make certain you elect to retain data connected with the original ID on the device unless you want to synch it all again when you sign back in to the original ID.