Getting automatic text when creating index cards

In Outline view, the program automatically adds text from the beginning of the chapter inside each chapter folder, easily viewed in dropdown. I find this helpful and I wish something similar would happen in Corkboard view, but as far as I can tell there’s no way to get text into the cards except to paste or type it in. Am I wrong? I would like to be. Otherwise, this is a feature request. Make it an option for Scrivener to select an arbitrary amount of text from the beginning of the chapter to populate each index card. Thank you.

Hi Johnmaskins. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.

In corkboard view you get a preview of the body text if you have not use the synopsis pane for that document.
In outliner view, you get a preview of the text instead of the synopsis if you have not given your document a title, on top of having no synopsis.

Note that neither of those two view modes are actually intended to display the body text of a document.
And what I just described above ain’t actually (or not quite really) the way they should be used.


If you split your editor and toggle Corkboard selection affects (my big blue arrow):

…your second editor will follow your selection. Giving you access to a complete view (and editable as well) of your body text.

It is exactly the same in outliner view.

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