Getting Card on left Pane

I saw a picture today on Twitter of someone using the IOS Scrivener on an iPad and he had the notecards of chapter summaries on the left pane and the text on the right. So is the picture backwards? Or can you really do this.? I tried pressing the 4-square icon on the chapters on the left side but that just puts all the chapter cards on the right, not the left.

Right now I just have the chapter titles and summaries on the left side and the document content on the right. Would love to switch it!

Anyone done this? If so, how?

It’s a pity you didn’t take a screendump to show us.

That’s the path from the Twitter Feed.

Okay, as I thought. He’s using the iPad’s ability to have two apps side-by-side in split screen. It’s Scrivener on the left pane with card board mode, and Pages on the right. … ign=buffer

AHH OK…Thanks for that. Sneaky they are!!!