Getting chapter headers and subtitle when exporting

Right now I have all my chapters as files, and labelled as chapters but when I export I don’t get CHAPTER ONE
which is what I want. How do I do that?


Take a look at the Novel project template (you must have the Extras installed from off the DMG; if you have, just go to File > New Project and create a new project based on the novel template to see how that does it). This will be a lot easier in the next update, mind, where you can choose to have a prefix (e.g. Chapter whatever) placed in front of the document title.

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OK, I see it. I always forget that the corkboard covers up the text of the folder if it’s clicked down.

Thanks greatly!

I’m a little confused by something along these lines. I have my Novel template that I start off with. Now the first chapter, or the one default chapter folder that is already there, comes with its own pre-formatted title Chapter <$W> then chapter subtitle below it.

Since the actual text of the manuscript will actually be individual files within the folder, I assume that each chapter has its own title page so to speak. Or do you start wring on the chapter title page and go to individual files after the end of the first scene / break? It wouldn’t occur to me to ask, but I don’t know what happens when this is exported yet.

Also, when I go to make another chapter folder that same formatting doesn’t come up for the chapter number and subtitle as the first one did. I attempted to do what you said in the NovelMSFormat section here:

I must not be reading that right because I clicked on Chapter One went to ADD - New Folder, I clicked on the “Preserve Formatting” in Inspector and nothing. It preserved the formatting of the scene files I had in chapter 1, namely the 5 space paragraph indentation held by the ruler. I am sure I am missing something obvious here. But I guess that’s what noobs do.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! :smiley:

Hi, it is late here, so I will be brief:

  1. You would keep that “title page” (i.e. the text of the folder itself) to be just the heading and subheading. Begin the actual chapter on a new text document contained within the folder.

  2. To create a new chapter folder, select an existing one, and then choose the ‘Duplicate’ menu item. This will create a copy of the folder - you can then change the subtitle, and delete the text files, to begin afresh (note: you can always duplicate it, clean it up, and then use that as the folder you duplicate from now on - I keep one of these folders just outside my ‘Draft’ especially for this purpose).

Preserve formatting is relevant only during exporting - those text documents and folders with preserve formatting checked will maintain their formatting exactly as-is when exporting (which is what you want for the ‘title pages’.


Hi Bob,

As Matt says, currently you have to duplicate that original folder (I would use Simple Duplicate rather than Duplicate, as Simple Duplicate won’t copy any subdocuments). The next (free) update improves on this considerably, as in the next update you can create document templates so that folder would be a template; it would be as simple as going to Project > New From Template > Chapter. But for now you have to duplicate.

You type only in the subdocuments. Those are your scenes. When you export, the subdocuments will get appended with a double line between the chapter title and the first subdocument, then the subdocuments themselves will be separated with the scene break hash.

I am working hard to make all of this much easier in the next update. In the next update, the folder won’t need to have any text content. You will just give it the title you want for the subtitle, and the “Chapter <$n>” can get added at the Compile Draft stage. I’m still working on it, but it should, I hope, make everyone’s life easier.

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Thanks, guys. That’s not hard at all.