Getting fonts on windows to match iOS

I like to get some writing in on breaks from my windows computer, but I exclusively use iOS outside work. The fact that the default fonts are different is killing me.

Is there any way on windows to get the default fonts to match those of iOS?

See this Knowledge Base article:


Thanks @jimrac.

I wasn’t super clear. The problem is the default fonts, and style don’t match up. Looking into it this seems like something slated for version 3…

Coming from Ulysses the editor experience feels strangely clunky for something so mature :confused:

HI sethdrebitko,

Actually, your post was clear enough, the difficulty was with my reading comprehension. :slight_smile:

If your challenge is more about getting styles synced up between Win & iOS, then as you say, what you are trying to accomplish may require v3.

But in case it’s helpful, here is how you change the default font in 1.9.7 for new documents.

Click Tools > Options > Editor.

Click on the “Blue A” font button in the upper left corner of the Default Main Text Attributes box. Select a font.