getting Full Screen mode to mimic oldschool typewriters

Hey everybody -
Now that I have my full sized square I’ve been working on my newest trilogy of novels – the first to be fully outlined from start to finish (150 pages single spaced covering plot and character progression from the start of book one to the end of book three via the only other application i utilize for my writing of any flavor - the illustrious omnioutliner pro version 3) - but i’ve hit a snag visually and i cant figure out how the hell to fix the problem.

As I’ve mentioned previously i have very high innocular pressure in both my eyes and have to douse rthem wityh eyedrops every hour on the hour for every 60 minutes i sit at the keyboard pounding away and now that i finally have a word processor with a cursor I cant lose i’ve maintained a marathon pace of anywhere between 7-14 hours at a time (minus 45 minute breaks to perpetuate my vices - mainly crown royal on the rocks and painkillers) but i know i can get more productivity out of my writing time if I fiddle with details – mainly the use of the typewriter scrolling option, which I’d like to couple with margins to get the cursor to start at the very bottom of my 24" widescreen Dell display and work its way upward as i add text… I can get the cursor to start out at the bottom by giving the fullscreen options section absurdly huge numbers for the top/bottom margins – that gets the cursor to sit at the bottom of the screen from the start but every time i start typing the curdor jumps up to the middle of the screen and I cant figure out how to fix this.

The bottom line is that Keith has single handedly given me the opportunity to take my writing career both as a novelist and professional blogger to new heights now that I have a word processor with my beloved square cursor and the organisational tools built into Scrivener that allow me to group my research documents and drafts in progress… now all i need is help to work all the kinks out and from that point forward Im a force to be reckoned with. As things stand at this point in my creative history that square cursor has single handedly increased my overall output by at least 400-750% give or take, and mark my words – when I’ve finally paid the piper long enough my prolonged moment of literary glory will arrive and thus I’m going to thank keith for my square cursor by telling the entire world in all my interviews and articles in popular magazines that no serlf respecting author and professional blogger would ever consider anything less than a macbookpro, a huge secondary widescreen monitor 24" or better, a keyboard with buckle spring key switches, a kensington trackball, a high speed internet connection, and the two applications no novelist/professional blogger would ever make it without – Omnioutliner Pro and Scrivener.
p.s. I’m looking to get my cursor to work from the bottom up typewriter style in full screen mode – for whatever reason i simply cant write effectively in anything other than full screen mode.
p.p.s. Keith – if you can figure out how to make my cursor perform like a typewriter starting at the very bottom and working its way up – i shit you not that i’ll pay you your $35 fee again; or - if another scrivener user figures out the answer to my problem before keith does - i’ll pay their $35 registration fee no questions asked when July 1st arrives.
p.p.p.s Keith – you need to send me an email address you check regularly… I had an idea and I want to know if you think you can code it into reality. If so - I’ll pay you another $250 and every handicapped mac user will be inspired to contribute to your early retirement in the carribean fund.