Getting More Book Reviews

Good reviews help sell a book, particularly through online stores such as Amazon and the iBookstore. But getting readers to review a book isn’t always easy. In an article at The Book Designer, Joel Friedlander has an excellent article on how you generate more reviews: … er-kindle/

Here’s how the article opens:

His solution is to add links on the book’s very last page to the book’s retailer reviews as well as popular review sites (i.e. Goodreads) and tweeting sites (Facebook etc). He even provides the raw html code into which you can insert your book’s ISBN or ASIN.

That should be well worth the effort to setup, particularly since you can create a template for that page into which you can insert each book’s unique numbers.

–Michael W. Perry, author of the just-out My Nights with Leukemia: Caring for Children with Cancer

Building relationships with readers and potential readers online is very hard to do, especially in an overcrowded marketplace with zillions of writers competing for a moment in the limelight.

I “busked” readings of my novel to get it off the ground. … publishing