Getting More Free Dropbox Space

For those who use Dropbox, Lifehacker has an excellent article on how to get more free storage space.!5796318/the-che … pbox-space

Following its advice, in just a few minutes, I was able to raise my additional allocation of free space (beyond the default 2 gigabytes) from 250 meg to 750 meg.

For those who’ve yet to try Dropbox, you can find the details here:

Basically, it lets you create a Dropbox folder on several computers (Macs, PCs, and some smartphones). Files placed in one appear in that same folder on the others automatically and quickly. It does have to be used with care, since one computer can overwrite later changes made on another. If you use it with Scrivener files, follow all the precautions, including backups, you can find described elsewhere on this forum. And even if you only have one computer, it’s an excellent, free way to create off-site backup.

Last but not least, if you have a friend who’s already using Dropbox and want to get it, you might have them send you an invitation. That’ll give them an extra 250 meg of free space.

–Michael W. Perry

Thank you! I love my Dropbox but was getting a bit nervous that I might be reaching my quota. You just made my day.

Interesting article here on why one academic is considering leaving DropBox, despite actively promoting for some time. In summary: privacy concerns.

Not sure what I think of his conclusions, but the issues raised are interesting and reflect a broader concern about the security of online storage of our information.

A great service, especially to back up your scrivener documents.

For everybody who has no dropbox-account yet: use this link to sign up and you get an additional 500 MB for free: