Getting Rid of Act I, II, III

I know this is simple, but once I got myself into trouble doing something like this.

I want to get rid of the Act 1, 2, 3 folders. Should I simply select each of the chapter folders (ctrl-click) and move them to the left and then just delete the Act folder?


But why should you do that? If the answer happens to be “I don’t want the acts to appear in my final file”, this can easily be done by clicking them off in the compile stage; no deleting necessary.

Thanks. I have clicked them off in the final compile stage.

But consider this:

Let’s say I want to compile just one chapter. I do an Alt-click to uncheck everything, and select the scenes I want, and compile it.

Now, next time I want to compile all, I have to remember to find and uncheck the three Act folders. It’s not a big deal, but it’s an annoyance. I don’t need them anymore, so it’s more convenient and cleaner to get rid of them.

I just did exactly that, and it worked fine.

Just to toss in some further options for anyone coming across this:

  • You can select the Act folder and use Documents > Ungroup to move shift its children up a level, the same end result as selecting the Act folder’s immediate children and using Ctrl+Left to move them.

  • Rather than using the “Include in Compile” checkbox, you can select the chapter folder you want to compile from the drop-down menu at the top of the compile Contents list. That narrows the compile group to the selected chapter without affecting the “Include” state for any of the items.

No one else has suggested this, so I’ll do it. You can save various compile settings by establishing the basic settings you want and clicking on Save. Once you’ve done that for compiling just a chapter, the next time all you’ll have to do is select that saved setting, uncheck the previously compiled chapter, and checking the chapter you now want to print. You won’t need to go back and uncheck the Acts again.