Getting Rid of Binder Name "Title" on Title Page

I’m using the Windows version and formatting for Epub 3 format. In the Binder, under Front Matter, I have a document called “Title”.

Large “No Style” fonts didn’t show up in the compile, so I created Styles for Title, Sub-title, and Author. I don’t know if that’s the best way, but it does seem to be working now.

BUT the Binder name of the document, “Title” also show up on the Title page. How can I get rid of this without changing the format on my Chapter documents.

On the Compile Overview screen, there is an option to Assign Screen Layouts. Is there a way to assign different layouts to different sections/chapters?

You can assign it to compile as-is if you want. But your title page needs to be assigned to its own section type from the metadata panel.




Each item in the Binder has a Section Type. For convenience and by default these are assigned based on the Binder structure, but you can both create section types and assign them yourself. In the Compile dialog, it is these section types that are being assigned to various section layouts. So, if you have assigned different Section Types to various docs/folders, you can then assign distinct section layouts to them.

To create custom section types for your project: Project > Project Settings > Section Types. All you do here is make names for types. Having done that, you can assign these section types to choice of docs/folders, either in the Inspector or even at Compile time in the right-hand pane of the compile dialog.

Of course, to make this do anything, you need to assign those section tyoes to the section layouts that will distinguish their output in the way you desire.

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Wow! Thanks @Vincent_Vincent. You’re great! I appreciate you taking the time to not just answer my questions, but include step-by-step snapshots. Then @gr goes and describes how this all works in long hand. This is one great community!

Thanks guys. Hope I can chip in helping other new users, once I get the hand of all this.