Getting rid of the background colors on Binder items


New to Scrivener and had a quick question:

On the left side where you have the binder with all the documents, how do you remove the color backgrounds of each document but still keep the text colored based on the labels?

I’m using the labels feature to color code my chapters based on POV. The strong background is really annoying to me and I’m pretty sure I saw videos on youtube where the user didn’t have a background, but the text itself was still color coded. I’ve tried all the options under view—>User Label Color in…


It sounds like you’re in the right place: the “Binder” choice in that submenu is what dictates whether rows are highlighted base on binder colours. There is no option to colour the text with the label colour though. What you could try is the “Icon” choice. That keeps the designation obvious but without the really strong highlighting.