Getting Scriv to suggest (specific) words as I type

I’m trying to get Scrivener to automatically suggest words from my Auto Complete List as I type them, but it won’t do it. I have “Suggest completion as you type” and “Only suggest completion from custom auto-complete lists” checked, and have un-checked the “In script mode only” option.

Is there another setting I should be using to make the suggestions from my auto-complete list show up as I type, instead of having to invoke the OPT-esc keyboard shortcut?

Have you made sure that the scope for the words in your auto-complete list is set to “General”?

No, I had it set to All (Text & Scripts), so I changed my list of words to General; thanks for pointing that out, as I has assumed All meant “All of Scrivener”, not “All Script elements” as I’m sure was the intention, now that I think about it.

However, I was hoping that the autocomplete would kick in while I was writing synopses on the cork board, but it doesn’t appear to work there without using the keyboard shortcut. Is that a limitation of the plain text areas of the cards, or could it be a future enhancement for auto-complete to work in the synopsis too?

Actualy, “Text & Scripts” should work, too - it works fine for me, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t. Auto-complete-as-you-type only works in the main editor, period. Most of the Corrections options only appear there - there are no plans to introduce them to other areas of the interface at this time.
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I’ve been working on the cork board almost exclusively for the last week, so that’s why “All” didn’t work; I just hadn’t tried it in the editor. My issue is entirely about my assumptions then, and not any bugs in the software. Thanks!


Why don’t you use an auto-typing program?
Advantage: it will work in all applications, system-wide.
You may build a particular word list for a particular project.
It’s sort of fascinating to see it spell long Welsh words in a jiffy.

I use Typinator, which is fine but is limited to OS X machines.
Others will work on iOS as well.


The limitation I’ve found with text expanders is that unlike auto-completed/corrected functions from OS X and Scrivener, they tend to require a single abbreviation, which will expand into the word once you enter punctuation or a space. But lets say I want to have “flibberdegibbit” suggested when I type the first few letters, as the auto-correct function in OS X does. How do I get any of the programs out there to keep suggesting potential matches as I type each new, matching letter, such as flib, flibb, flibbe, flibber, etc.?

If I have to memorize abbreviations, then it pulls me out of the flow of writing. I’d rather misspell some names and catch them with a spell check later. If however, it acts like auto-correct on the iPhone, in that just using punctuation once the suggestion pops up fills in the word, then I’d be a happy camper. Do you know if any of these utilities work that way?

Yes, the problem is that a word-filled brain, especially in its later stages of em, evolution, will come up with too many snyonyms or homonyms that are not what that brain thinks (or believes) it is hunting.

Recently I was groping for a word that means “a perk added to a salary package” and thought that word was “rider,” which sounded good but is not right, and I finally settled for perk.

The best auto-correct I’ve used is in an odd place, the Kindle Fire. I sometimes write brief e-mails on it and in the time it takes to type letters usu, it creates a flood of words using that combination. So I rarely have to type much, but just choose from the suggestions.

Since the KF is an Android variant, it may be that the spelling and auto-suggest facility comes from something you could download and use, though not, alas, on a Mac or iOS platform. I hope that other readers know more!

To clarify: I HATE auto-correct in general. I’m glad there’s a way to restrict that function in Scrivener to just a list of words of my own choosing, as sometimes I decide to name someone Giambrioni, and my fingers love to transpose characters, or when the name is fairly new to my brain, I can’t remember how many n’s there are. My only wish is that the word suggestions come from a limited, customizable list, and that the suggestions will work in any part of Scrivener as well as in other programs.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unless something dead simple and pretty cheap can do this for me though, I’ll probably just tough it out. :stuck_out_tongue: