Getting Scrivener on new computer?

Good morning.

My husband bought me a lap top to do all my writig on. Currently I use my desktop in the living room. Is there a way to transfer my current scrivener onto my lap top? Or do I have to purchase it again and transfer all the files over??


You can run Scrivener on your PC and your laptop with the same licence, provided they are both running the same version, ie, either BOTH Windows or both mac (not one of each).

I run Scrivener on my desk top at home and my laptop outside. I use DropBox to store my files, so I always have the latest version with me, wherever I am. Following advice, I turn off the syncing in DropBox while I am using Scrivener (so it doesn’t clash with the autosave in Scrivener) then turn it on again, once I have finished with Scrivener. It then just takes a few seconds to sync all the files in DropBox. You can get 2 GB free storage on DropBox. I save all my important stuff to DropBox, so it is stored in 3 places - on both computers and in the cloud!

I just downloaded the trial version of Scrivener to my laptop, then entered the same licence key that I had used for my desktop.

As meglearner said, there’s no need to purchase the software again if they’re both Windows machines; just download the latest version onto your laptop and then register it with your licence information from your original order confirmation email. This article offers some additional information for copying your program settings, etc., for quickly setting up Scrivener on the new machine.