Getting Scrivener search results like Google

I am brand new to Scrivener and wondering if it is possible to get searches to return a list of ALL terms found with a count, similar to Google an links to each hit. Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac also does this if you hit Cmd-Shift-H. Basically it would look like this:

[i]Search Results for: “Overused Phrase”
Matches: 1 of 987

Lorem ipsum Overused Phrase blah blah blah

context context Overused Phrase more context


So basically, a line for each result with the word highlighted as used in the sentence, ordered by it’s appearance in the manuscript. I find this feature really helpful in Word to see how many times I’ve used a term and to help keep my word choice more varied. I also find it much easier to see the context of the phrase and where it occurs in the document. I can just click on an item in the search result and it takes me directly there so I don’t have to hit next, next, next, next…

Perhaps Scrivener cannot do this, but if so (or even if can part way do this), please let me know.


No, there’s no way of doing this currently, although this sort of thing is on the list of possibilities for version 3.0 (which hasn’t been started yet :slight_smile: ).

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Okay. Here’s hoping this makes it into version 3 then! (and that version 3 makes an appearance relatively soon).


If by “relatively soon” you mean when compared to the shifting of tectonic plates, the time required for evolutionary processes, or the life span of the sun, you should be happy. :slight_smile:

Need I provide attribution to this post if I choose to steal this line for my next staff meeting?


Careful what you promise. Fruit flies evolve pretty fast…