getting started

I’ve the entire tutorial and would like to start;
so how do I launch the program?

If you’ve been through the Interactive Tutorial, you already did.

Like any other application, you can double-click on the Scrivener application itself. Or you can launch an existing project by double-clicking on the .scrivx file inside the project folder.


Hello Louis,
As Kewms said, you already have started as the tutorial is a fancy Scrivener project, but to make life easy there are many ways of doing things in Scrivener and I found, from this forum information, the following may be helpful.
Get Scrivener started however you like and then go to options / General and where it says startup options, make sure “reopen projects that were open on quit” is unticked… otherwise you will just end up back in the tutorial if that was the last project open.
Tick “open start panel when there are no projects open” as this will then give you the choice to start or open any project that you have recently started or been working on.

Just an easy way of doing things. There are others.

Step one: Go to the File->New Project menu, then choose from among those templates to create a project file for a writing project you want to get started with. Make note of where you save that project so you always know where to find that project folder, even if your computer has gone haywire; I suggest you put it in your Documents folder, or somewhere under that.

Then just start making new documents in your project and write. Use whatever features of Scrivener seem helpful, and ignore the rest until you need those features you learned of in the tutorial.