Getting the character name to repeat after a page break

Hi there,

I’m using Scrivener to write a play in the UK play script format, and I just wondered - is there a way to get the character that’s speaking’s name to repeat if their dialogue goes over a page break? Is this perhaps a setting I need to tick or turn on when I compile? I want it to go:

CHARLIE: I’m speaking about things now, look at me, listen to me, I’m a character in a play


CHARLIE CONT.: and you are my lovely audience, hello there, etc.

Right now, when I compile, it just continues on with the dialogue, but doesn’t re-state who is speaking.

Thank you in advance for the assistance, and apologies if it’s super obvious or I’m being super stupid. Very new to Scrivener - loving it - but it’s a learning curve.



I’m not at a Mac to test this. Maybe it’ll sufficiently meet your needs. There’s an option in the Compile Format Designer that you might want to try. If you’ve never used the Designer, first read sections 24.1 through 24.1.4 of the manual for an overview. The specific option for your test is described in section 24.6.5, Text Layout -> For Scriptwriting.