Getting the text formatted to the compiled output

My text runs of the page after compileg. It’s ok at 8.5 x 11 format but not 6x9?

-Dick Suillivan

Of course, it shouldn’t.

Could you be more specific as to the format you are compiling to ?

Is your text in a table ?

Did you specify a right indent ? (Although that shouldn’t be a problem.)

Anything specific you might have done while formatting or preformatting your text ?

I solved the problem. I created a collection and it shows up in both but must be a folder now. Thanx.
I would like to split up the files into separate system (windows) files Docx or other now. Without the random names when converted to folders. Can it be done in compile?

I believe what you’re looking for is the Export process. Select in the Binder the folder that contain the files you want exported, then do File > Export. This is a one-directional (output only) operation. Once you’ve exported the files, you can change them without impacting your project.

You can also achieve this with File > Sync with External Folder. This operation is an on-going, bi-directional sync. Your project folders and files will be exported to a folder. Any changes to the exported files will automatically be imported back into your project, so be very careful with this option. Before doing it, definitely read the manual section 14.3 Synchronised Folders.

If you could further explain what you’re trying to accomplish with these files once they’re exported, there might be a better way than these 2 options.


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Thanx. I didn’t think about export. That seems to be the answere.

–Dicj Sullivan

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