Ghost Footnote


I bought Scrivener about seven years ago, and now I’m really starting to get serious about using it. I’m most of the way through the interactive tutorial and I have a couple questions about footnote functions - and a potential error on Scrivener’s part.

  1. A footnote appears in my compilations that I make into pdf’s. I don’t know where it comes from, and I have scrolled through all the documents in all the folders to find where this footnote is located. I can find the others, but not this one. Is there a way to track down all my footnotes across the entire binder into one search feed?

  2. How do I make footnotes actually appear as footnotes before the page break and not effectively endnotes at the end of my pdf?


Ghost Footnote.JPG

If you select the footnote in the Inspector (the right-hand panel) the corresponding insertion point in the document (the main panel) will be highlighted.

With the footnote selected, click the minus button in the Comments & Footnotes toolbar at the top of the Inspector, located immediately below the “Lock Inspector to Current Editor” button (padlock icon) and the footnote will be deleted.