Quite a nice little idea: a contextual notepad.

First use for me was to go to my Scapple directory (which has hundreds of diddy Scaps in it) and write a few guidance notes on what each important sounding Scap title was actually about.

Just using the 1 week trial at the moment. I’ll see if it’s worth 8 quid by the end of it.

Yes, it’s not perfect, and apparently there are competitors, but I like it too.

What competitors? Any suggestions?

A couple of months ago, on, in addition to Ghostnotes, the following were suggested (Mac and Windows):

Apart from Ghostnotes, I haven’t tried any of them.

Only Antnotes is for Mac, the other two are Windows applications.

Antnotes is not context sensitive, connected to an application or file, but GumNotes are. So Gumnotes appears to be something of a Windows version of Ghostnote.

Hugh: Is the imperfection of Ghostnote in the form of bugs, or lack of features you would want?

In its list of features Antnotes claims that one can “…attach note to any other application so it will show only when the selected application is active”. As I say, I haven’t tried it, so I can’t describe quite how this works.

Lack of a feature. I haven’t noticed any bugs. I’d like Ghostnote to have an iOS app with which it can sync a note - though not of course alongside the note’s own “contextual” file. But already Ghostnote can “integrate” with Evernote, so probably I’m just being picky.

Looks good but I was disappointed that I couldn’t get the sound to work on the video promo. Tried different browsers and my system is ok, so a bit confused. Sent them a message. Hope they got it. Any suggestions welcomed.

I just assumed they didn’t have any sound on purpose; everything they might say is in the notes, or is demonstrated in actions that are pretty obvious (i.e. changing note colors).

Yes you might be right about the lack of sound. I think I was trying to watch the clip in a busy space and I found it moved too quickly. I will try again. Thanks.