Ghostwriter needs help please

I am ghosting an autobiography and have just bought Scrivener. I would like to be able to send the whole work in progress to the subject of the autobiography for him to amend and comment as necessary as we progress the book. How can I do this please, and any tips or hints that would help would be most appreciated.

Collaboration is a topic which has been extensively discussed around here. Do some searching for collaboration and you’ll turn up some threads. You also might want to take a look at the latest beta version of Scrivener. It is stable, and contains some vast improvements to the importing engine, which should allow the client to use Word’s comment feature to interface with Scrivener’s annotation feature. Previously, this ability has only been one way. You could export the entire draft to a client, and it would turn your annotated comments into Word comments, but if they sent you revisions the comments would get lost upon importing back into Scrivener. With the beta, you can go both ways.

If you both agree on a manner of marking changes with comments/annotations, you can quickly find his edits and integrate them appropriately, using the Find Annotation feature. I am thinking something alone the lines of having him prefix each comment with his initials. Then you can isolate the search to everything containing his initials, and delete them or address them and remove the initials so they do not gum up the search in future revisions.

Thanks AmberV for your most helpful comments. In researching under Collaboration, many of the potentially helpful postings aren’t intelligible to someone like me, with limited technical expertise - i.e. I didn’t undertstand them.

I need to be able to save a file as, but Scrivener won’t allow that. The only way around I can see is this, is there a beter way please?

By default, Scrivener saves files in your Documents folder. When I send my author a file of the latest version of the MS he drags it into his Scrivener folder in Documents and duplicate its. He renames they duplicate file, which means he can work on the renamed file, send it to me, and I go through the same procedure. If each of us doesn’t use the same date as the other, i.e. I must date a file from him at least the day after the date you’ve used, then there can be no confusion.

But a Save As feature would save a lot of hassle.

Yeah, a few of those threads went very firmly into “geek” territory. :wink:

I am not quite following what you are doing here. For clarity, I will use the term “project” to refer to the file that Scrivener creates in Documents, and “document” to refer to the bits inside of a “project.” You can save a project copy from Scrivener very easily by using the “Backup Project To…” command in the file menu. This is essentially just “Save as…” but it also will automatically date the file for you, and give you the option to zip compress the project to save space and make transferring it faster.

If you meant you want to “Save as…” individual documents within the project. You can essentially do that by using the Duplicate function. It is in the Documents menu, or Cmd-D.

Also note that when you drag documents from one project to another in Scrivener (you can have multiple projects open at once), pretty much everything will get saved. The notes, keywords, synopsis, all that. The labels and status will get lost, and if you have a lot of internal linking going on, that might mess up too. Some people prefer to just send a temporary project that just has the updated documents in it, and you can drag them in to replace the old ones in the main project. Since it sounds like the person you are working with also is using Scrivener, that might be an option too. Many of these things come down to taste; there is no “best” way to do them.

thanks Av

The Backup Project to… was what I was looking for, but your v comprehensive reply is most useful.