Gibberish document

Hi, I have a project with many documents, folders, sub-documents (the usual in scrivener).

But one of the documents (fortunately it is just a document), I happened to chance upon, has become gibberish. I copy and paste a few lines to give an idea:

The short: How do I get my document back?

Long story: Before this I noticed there were a few recovered documents. And that happened quite frequently recently. I do not know or understand why, but the first few times I checked to make sure I did not need the recovered ones before I deleted them. However, I subsequently stopped checking before deleting the recovered ones, so yes I have removed all the recovered documents and only have this document with a mix of gibberish and the stuff I typed. May I know if there is an easy way to recover my text (and formatting, if it’s not too much to ask…)?

This looks like encoding for logical representations of sentences inside the document. What happens when you export the document and open it in another editor?

What editor did you use to check this document? Scrivener documents are usually RTF, so if it was a simple text editor and you opened an RTF document, this would be exactly the sort of thing I would expect to see.