Give a tip, get free publicity

I’m compiling a list of the best and/or least-known Scrivener tips, by writers for writers, and will be publishing a small book in PDF form with these tips, to be available for free on Amazon and other places.

Anyone who would like to submit their best tip(s) or trick(s) to me, either in this thread or by private message (if links aren’t allowed in posts, as I suspect they may not be…?), will get a free link to their web site or book sales page.

I realize there is a forum above that’s full of tips, but I only want to use those that I’m given permission to use and I haven’t gotten a response there. So please contact me with your tips—or just point me to a post you have made in this forum—and include which platform you are using (Windows or Mac OS X) as well as the site/page you want me to link to.

Thank you!

One of the biggest pieces I got advice on in my writing is from published author Adrienne Dines some 12 years ago or so now. That advice is to trust your characters.

I’d like to develop on that notion.

To a good author, a character is not an actor on a movie set, but to the character, the author is the chronicler of their story.

Develop your characters thoroughly, and when you drop them into the conflict of your story, they will find their way out, and create a story that will sway your audience.

Best tip I heard was that writers always get paid. How that applies to using Scrivener is left as an exercise to the reader.