Give template to another write so they can apply it to existing work

Can a template or some other export of a Scrivener format be exported so another writer can apply that setup to their existing work?

Or do I need to create a blank template and hand it over so they can drag their work into it?

If the second, it would be nice if a future version allowed us to apply templates like themes are applied in Rapidweaver.

Templates are starting points, not something you apply to existing projects.
What is it that other user wants to mimic or copy? There might be other ways.

My son is in the final stages of completing his first book. He wants to use the same settings I have for book size, margins, etc. that I used on my last book in Scrivener.

His book is in Scrivener in the default config with each chapter in a document. Dragging pages over isn’t a big deal but he doesn’t want to loose his statistics.

Save the Compile settings and then he can import them. It’s described in the manual.

Ok. Thank you. I’ll look into this today!