Given coronavirus, are those of us using the Beta going to be... discommoded on the 31st?

First, to be clear, I hope everybody at Literature and Latte are safe and well and doing everything to stay that way. And I also appreciate that this is a beta, so those of us who have been using it “for production” chose to do so at our own risk, without creating any obligation for L&L.

All that said, I am reminded that the current version expires on the 31st. Are we likely to see a new version with a longer expiry date?

Not an L&L employee, but given that L&L is a small, international group of devs and support staff, I expect it is business as usual unless one of them is ill. I would be very surprised if a new, updated expiry version is not available shortly.

A new update will be available shortly with extended dates.

Damn, no full release on 31/03. Dreams shattered again. :wink:

As long as the release date isn’t April 1 I’m happy.


a week? Maybe this implies there’ll be a new release by then (yay!), but maybe not? I would love to hear from the devs on actual status, expected release timeline, and maybe about an increased cadence in the run up to release candidate status.

The lack of information has made me more reluctant to try the beta versions, and I’m very hesitant to let beta software touch my manuscripts.

you folks need a release manager.

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Not sure where your concerns are?
They have NEVER missed a new version on or before the beta expiration.
Release management seems fine to me. But I only have 30 years in the software industry so what do I know…

We will not be announcing a release date. (Well, not in advance. We’ll certainly announce the actual release!)

Status updates can be found in the pinned announcement thread at the top of this forum.


Give us a week’s notice, time to take out a mortgage, raid the piggy bank…

THIS! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Hope there will be a “Release Candidate” beta as well, with a last call for beta testers to remind the team of any lingering anomalies they may have missed.

They track all the bugs that are reported. If you feel a bug is not tracked, search to see if it has been assigned a bug number in the thread title. If it has a number…it’s being tracked. It may not make the cut for fixing before 3.0 release, but it’s being tracked.

I just want L&L to release a version they think is worth selling, because I want to buy Scrivener 3 for Windows.
I think the current “betas” are already worth paying for, but L&L appears to have higher standards than I do.

In my defense, I use a lot of Microsoft software, so I’m used to, well, making do.

Thanks for that, Katherine. I’d like some inkling (!) of where we’re at in terms of software stability before committing to a beta version. Are we 5 blockers from a release? 10? 1000? I get that you’re a small team, and nobody likes to break a promise, but it would be nice to get an idea of relative stability.

I gave up testing other people’s beta software years ago, but I’m considering it with Scrivener. The Mac and iOS versions were great.

WRT stability of the beta, there’s a thread addressing that very issue, with users reporting their experience: [url=Question on Usability / Reliability of the Beta].

Thanks for the link. I had been following that thread and there’s some good evidence the beta’s been quite stable for some, which is encouraging. At April 6th, still having not installed the most recent beta, the chances of me trying it out before a new release appears tomorrow is an increasingly large negative value.

Does the Beta have a software update mechanism where it’ll self-update when a new version is released?

No. You can set the software to alert you if there are any update, but no auto-update.